Dave Alley

Dave Alley grew up playing drums and various percussion from age 11. As a singer and songwriter, he idolized the likes of Freddy Mercury, Chris Cornell and Sting, though it wasn’t until his high school years that Dave realized his own natural singing ability. Once discovered, his voice allowed him to sing in various classical groups and under many great conductors throughout New England. It was in his last years of high school when Dave, who had been playing drums in groups and singing backup vocals, started to become interested in singing more aggressive music, eventually developing his own dynamic vocal approach to rock.

Continuing his focus on music throughout college, Dave gained a solid background in classical percussive study while steadily building on his song-writing skills. Prior to taking the lead mic, however, Dave served as the drummer for bands such as "The Flaming Tsunamis," a ska/hardcore band on Kill Normal Records, and pop artist Jeff Tuohy (formerly of "28 and Waiting" – no relation to current guitarist John Touhy). Dave toured the country and cut a full length album with “The Flaming Tsunamis,” which was great preparation for the future lead singer. In 2006, Dave’s percussion ability and passion for songwriting fused and resulted in his finding MMZ.

Today, Dave’s favorite part of songwriting is the art of composition and lyrical conception, to which he credits his training as a classical percussionist. And he still tries to emulate his idols – Freddy Mercury for his control and grace, Chris Cornell for his raw sonic power and grit as well as his vocal range and Sting, because although he is constantly reinventing himself, his style – which is something totally his own – always shines through.