John Tuohy

John Tuohy's intense passion for music manifested at an early age.  He made the seamless transition from avid music listener to musician at the age of 12.  His long-term, intense study of guitar with some inspiring teachers has made a huge impact on his life.  His own work as a private guitar instructor for 10 years has given him unique insight into overcoming  that challenges that come with serious study of any instrument.

John has performed with many groups that traversed genres such as Reptillicus (multi-stylistic)and Blanck Stare (jazz fusion).  He is equally at home writing original progressive rock riffs as he is playing jazz standards.  John cites Eddie Van Halen, Chick Corea, Porcupine Tree, The Eagles, Frank Zappa, and Bireli Lagrene as examples of his diverse list of influences.

John contributes melodies, chords, solos, lyrics and his keen skills in arrangement to the music of Mile Marker Zero.  He works closely with his bandmates to make every song unique and to add that extra 'magic' that makes their music extraordinary.  His knowledge of the fundamentals of many styles make his performances unique in the progressive rock world.

In his spare time,  John enjoys reading, movies, listening to music and practicing the guitar.  He lives in New Haven County, Connecticut.